Viva vision #1 Connections engage employees

By Lesley Crook

Welcome to Viva Connections a desktop and mobile experience that brings together your relevant work news, conversations, and most popular resources in a personalised intranet. Built in Modern SharePoint with Yammer and Stream to help engage, inform and enable a hybrid workforce in the flow of their work – through the lens of Teams.

Working Out Loud in A Network (WOLAN)

Yammer was my entry point into the MVP programme in 2017 (a Yammer Nana to Viva Visionary). When I first shared the idea of Working Out Loud by John Stepper and Bryce Williams.

My twitter handle is Lesley.Wolan. My maiden name was Cleps not Wolan. WOLAN is an acronym for “Working Out Loud in A Network. I evangelised the idea by John and Bryce in an attempt to nurture a more inclusive, trusted and empowered business culture on enterprise social networking.

Share your work with a view others might find it helpful and others might help you improve your work”.

Yammer is the best way to connect a company and engage employees with a *serendipitous *spark helping people connect who might have never met yet and cross-pollinate views, ideas and news. Aided by adding #hashtags and @someone in a post – brilliant hack originated out on Twitter.

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Intrapreneurial Pioneers! Switching hats in the flow of their work, nurturing digital wellbeing and benefitting the business!


Like all these new Microsoft features, they get shipped thick and fast. IT folks might deploy this awesome stuff but you need people and up to date content in the business singing (carols) from the same song sheet to actually bring on the visionary business benefits; improving the employee experience in the flow of hybrid work with Viva on Teams.

Yammer and Teams are better together so if you need a little inspiration to reimagine your Yammer network and get more out of Teams, then please do not hesitate to contact me for some guidance on where to start a conversation. Leading into the adoption of Connections and how to nurture all important Yammer Champions and Teams Champions benefitting the business!